The Adventurers

The Adventurers

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Former Titles: The Heroes of Marlgrove, the Shadow-Walkers.

Notable achievements:

  • Slaying the Beast of Marlgrove (Ash, Thruskk, Jericho, Clifton)
  • Siege of Neldea (Thruskk)
  • Scaling Skaulson’s Tower (Wulrakas, Clifton, Virgil, Thruskk)
  • Killing the Vampire Drogin (Wulrakas, N’Nera, Alena, Virgil)
  • Stopping Nazurian’s Gate (Wulrakas, Cat, Daron, Virgil)

Notable Possesions:
Marlgrove Home
Falx’s Tooth (Wulrakas)

Former Members:

  • Frodrick Goodacre – Male Half elf-pirate, one-time associate of the adventurers. Had head ripped off by a half-ogre after charging into the room it was in. Deceased.
  • Ash Reyner – Female Half-elf Druid of the Dreadwood. Betrayed party by giving up Reselda Yargrove’s location, resulting in her death. Current whereabouts unknown.
  • Gick Ujo (DMPC) – Male Human Druid of the Dreadwood. Initially guided Clifton through the Dreadwood from Sanduchar. Living in Marlgrove.
  • Thruskk – Male Half-Orc Barbarian of the Empire of the Pomarj. Survivor of Neldea and cursed with lycanthropy. Settled in Gradsul.
  • Jericho – Male Half-Orc Ranger. Greedy. Possible time traveler. Whereabouts unknown.
  • Clifton Oates – Male human Warlock. Killed by Lila Ketborn. “Clifton’s the key to all of this.” — Rallicus Lucas, DM.
  • N’Nera – Androgynous Elf Druid. Joined the party for a short time, and helped dispose of the vampire Drogin. Left during the trip to Crow Town and has not been seen since.
  • Daron Oarsman – Male human fighter. Assisted the party against the women in red and during Nazurian’s Gate. Unknowingly killed Medrash, Leader of the Dragonborn. Left due to tensions with the understandably upset Wulrakas Safras.

The Adventurers

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