There are many rumors pertaining to the creation of the first Dragonborn. Some will say that they were once humans, elves, and small-folk; that they were blessed by Bahamut through a complex ritual performed in the Barrier Peaks, and that their sole purpose was to drive back the evil forces of Tiamat (a purpose they’ve long forgotten, it’s claimed). Others believe them to be a race from another continent — or even another world — transported to the Flanaess by use of magic.

The Dragonborn themselves tell a remarkably different story. True, there were instances of humanoids being blessed by Bahamut and taking on a draconic appearance — one such case was transcribed in Vengeance of the Dragon (Ira Vantillion; 591 CY) — but it was an extremely rare occurrence. Some scholars also agree that there are, in fact, Dragonborn found in other worlds… but such things cannot be verified.

What really happened, the Dragonborn historical texts proclaim, is that at the turn of the century, just prior to the Days of Vanishing, powerful dragons foresaw something beyond the understanding of mortals. Dragonborn were spawned by the hundreds, and then the thousands. It’s said that the Circle of Eight was the first to notice this sudden change… but that before they could draw any conclusions, the Day of Vanishing occurred.

In the subsequent years, the Dragonborn (who mature rapidly) felt a sudden pull towards the Barrier Peaks. Though the majority had never been there, or even heard of it, great pilgrimages took place. Dragonborn children and young adults arrived in droves, starting in 603 CY and ending in 605 CY. There, at the slope of a great peak now known as “The Draconic Mountain” (found in between the Barrier Peaks and the Crystalmists), they established the City of the Dragon Children, now called Medrash. They then adopted the name “Dragonborn” to represent their people.

605 CY saw a premonition by Medrash, the city’s namesake. A deity presented itself to him, telling him that the pilgrimage to the Draconic Mountain was a preparation for a great war — a war to conquer the Flanaess and all its people, controlled behind the scenes by the spirits of the Ancient Dragons who perished during the Days of Vanishing. Strangely enough these dragons were both chromatic and metallic; what drove these most hated of enemies towards a common goal remains unknown to this day.

Upon learning this information, Medrash immediately began a great quest to cure his brethren. This resulted in the enchantment being lifted in 607 CY.

Now free, many Dragonborn (just reaching adulthood) have taken to the life of adventuring. Others have stayed behind in their budding city, ensuring a future for their kind. Whether or not the Dragonborn will see a future in this New Era, it’s hard to say, but the odds seem to be in their favor.


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