Days of Vanishing

The Days of Vanishing refers to a strange phenomenon that took place during the week of Needfest, 595 CY.

From Gone, by an unknown author:

On the night of the first, the comet appeared.
Pale as the snow. Ominous.
All knew of the implications.

Yet this time, we said we’d be ready.
For why not?
Our people were strong, stronger than ever.
Our heroes were blessed; blessed with magic and artifacts powerful enough to deny Fate.

On the second day, the heroes vanished.
And so their lessers took up their artifacts.
They would be the ones to prevent Oerth’s end.

On the fourth day, the artifacts lost their power.
Magic began to wane.
A sole wizard Wished for it all to be saved, and he burst into flame.

On the seventh day, all was gone.
The artifacts, the magic, everything.

And so our people prayed for salvation.

And then, at the stroke of midnight, we embraced our end.

On the 8th of Needfest, Oerth had changed completely. The previous day, for twenty-four hours, divine and arcane magic had been rendered completely useless. Most had readied themselves for the end. Many committed suicide rather than face the unknown.

Over a decade has passed since this event and while Oerth, geographically, remains virtually the same, much has changed. Magic is not as powerful as it once was. Artifacts have become inert, though some have reappeared in a different form. Many wars have been resolved or put on a state of temporary cease-fire, while leaders try to wrap their heads around what has occured.

The Circle of Eight is nowhere to be found. The villanous Iuz and Rary have vanished as well (though lesser despots, like Turrosh Mak, remain).

Days of Vanishing

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