Crow Town

Category: Hamlet.
Population: 59 (predominately Suel/Oeridian)
Language: Common, Keolandish.
Religion: Unknown.
Main Export: Unknown.

Leader: Mayor Bartholomew Thorin.

History: Crow Town is a small, practically insignificant hamlet found within the Viscounty of Salinmoor in Keoland. Given its location (nestled between the Dreadwood Forest and the Hool Marshes), it’s miraculous that the hamlet rarely deals with outside threats.

Rumor has it that this can be attributed to strange, ritualistic sacrifice that appeases the hamlet’s savage neighbors. Indeed, the elves within Dreadwood almost never set foot within Crow Town for this very reason, for it is believed (but has never been proven) that Dreadwood Elves are the main victims in these supposed sacrifices.

Regardless, travelers of various races pass through Crow’s Rest, elves included. The fact that so many leave without incident suggests that the rumors are, in fact, simply rumors, and that perhaps the Dreadwood Elves are simply slandering the town for an unknown reason. What’s more, most of the claims outside Dreadwood are made by men and women of shady character; as such, the validity of their statements is flimsy at best.

Like most of Salinmoor, Crow Town’s denizens are known to be extremely superstitious. All forms of magic are banned within the hamlet’s walls, and the townsfolk regard spellcasters warily.

Most visitors come to Crow Town out of necessity more than anything. More often than not, the thick fog that drifts from the Hool Marshes tends to make travel very difficult. Many caravans are left with no choice but to stay in Crow Town until the weather settles.

Finally, Crow Town gets its name for the vast amount of crows that flock to the pond within the town’s gates. Nobody knows what brings the crows to the hamlet, but many see them as an ominous presence in an already frightening town.

Notable Sites:

Crow Town

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