Baba Yaga

Initially thought to be the witch of myth, grandmother of Iuz and infamous owner of a house with chicken legs, “Baba Yaga” of the Dreadwood was revealed to be a hag coven.

According to Alicia, Head of the Guardsmen of Marlgrove, “Baba Yaga” aimed to amass an army of lycanthropes in order to overwhelm the Dreadwalkers and eventually spill out into Keoland. Whether or not they’d be able to conquer the vast Kingdom is suspect, as they were easily wiped out at the Siege of Neldea.

The members were as follows:

Unknown Green Hag (deceased): Leader of the assault on Neldea. Lost legs when the ancient dragon swooped down and attacked. Was decapitated by Thruskk.

Unknown Green Hag (deceased): Murdered Alicia in her cell during the Summer Solstice celebration. Gutted by Wulrakas Safras.

Night Hag (“Tawnee Tauv, Deceased”): Attacked the adventurers in her home after leading them there through a false note.

Eventually joined the group in disguise under the alias Tawnee Tauv, travelling with them for months and subtly deceiving them. None of this was discovered, however, as she was eaten alive by a large green dragon just outside of Crow Town’s gates.

Unknown Hag (????): Most likely one of the aforementioned. Creator of the Beast of Marlgrove. Was in disguise when encountered by the party, and managed to escape.

Baba Yaga

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