The Great Return

The Great Return, also known as The Starry Morning, was a major event that occurred on the 20th of Harvester, 609 CY.

On that day the skies of Oerth darkened to a purplish-black. The stars began to pulsate. This lasted from the previous night well into the following afternoon.

With the Days of Vanishing still fresh in the minds of all but children, many believed that this was the culmination of that fateful week nearly fifteen years prior; a day when all would perish beneath the erratic stars and darkened skies.

By late afternoon the skies had cleared. The stars became hidden by the sun’s rays. The commonfolk went on with their lives, oblivious to the repercussions that were soon to follow.

Powerful beings reappeared across the Flanaess. Individuals known to have been lost during the Days of Vanishing were spirited into existence in places they frequented a decade prior. Many were broken, shadows of their former selves. Some would murmur of a dark place beyond the skies, a place of unimaginable horrors.

The Dragonborn across the world simultaneously perished. Their deaths were all the same, regardless of circumstance. A Gold Dragonborn fighting a yeti in the Barrier Peaks suffered the same fate as the Red Dragonborn downing his ale in the tavern: a sudden stoppage of the heart, followed by an equally sudden death. Clerics determined that the deaths were painless and quicker than the blink of an eye; however, despite all efforts, any attempts to resurrect the fallen dragon-kin were met with failure. The Dragonborn were extinct.

Intended to be a recourse for the cataclysmic Days of Vanishing, The Great Return was intended to bring back the powerful beings taken during that day. Yothagos’ plan for Oerth was prophesied by the Ancient Dragons, who created the Dragonborn to act in their stead once the Days of Vanishing came to pass. They would then be sacrificed to power a portal to the Demiplane of the Devourer.

Nazurian would be involved as well, acting as a soul-consuming conduit between the Demiplane and Oerth, and for this task they bestowed upon him a rapid-aging spell.

Medrash, chosen as the leader of the Dragonborn, initially rejected the Dragons’ plan. As detailed in the Journal of Astrid Furend, he could not accept that his people were created solely to die for a world they weren’t meant to be a part of. Nazurian nearly died as a result, his body withering away due to his rapid-aging spell.

To overcome this problem the Dragons reached out to a Draconic Bloodline sorcerer, a rebellious member of the Scarlet Brotherhood known as the ‘Crimson Matron.’ She took it upon herself to complete the ritual, which was accomplished on the 20th of Harvester.

The Ritual was cut short, however, by a group of adventurers. As a result, not all who were lost were brought back.

The Great Return

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