Demiplane of the Devourer

A set of mysterious texts (possibly from another prime material plane) describe the Demiplane of the Devourer as “the precursor to His destruction; a prison meant to house all those who might oppose Him.”

The Plane itself is a (possibly infinite) expanse of nothingness, dotted with the occasional instance of habitation. Structures of alien origin can be found in these areas, remnants of civilizations snuffed out by Yothagos.

Perhaps most frightening are the immeasurably powerful beings that reside here. The mysterious texts have this to say on the subject:

“Just like Him, they have been called many things; we have named them The Chosen. These are the ones who have survived in this wretched place long enough to call it home. They are the last of their civilizations, the last of their people, the ones who were brought here and survived.”

Magic, gravity, and time are all unpredictable here. Their properties spontaneously change without warning.

There is no way to intentionally enter the Demiplane, though it is possible to escape through complex rituals performed on the Prime Material that the Demiplane is currently ‘attached’ to. Deities hold no sway here, and they cannot reach their faithful by any means. It has even been suggested that some deities have become The Chosen — but verification of this is impossible.

Death in the Demiplane dooms the soul to eternal stagnation, as there’s no way to bring back the dead (and no escape to the afterlife).

Demiplane of the Devourer

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