A New Era

Chapter 4

The Dracolich's Gate

26th Goodmonth – 20th Harvester, 609 CY

Entering the coastal village of Waverock, The Adventurers ready themselves for the trip to Crow Town. Unfortunately they learn that they’ll have to wait a while; Tawnee Tauv reveals that some time is needed for her to obtain a proper map, so the group does some adventuring on the side.

Along the way they’re joined by Daron Oarsman, a mercenary, and an androgynous elf druid named N’Nera.

After several days a map is finally procured. The group sets out into the Dreadwood, battling harsh storms that makes them split up amidst the chaos. Shortly after reuniting (sans N’Nera), Wulrakas Safras finds a strange cabin in a clearing. Inside, he’s met by an equally strange Kobold, who allows him to speak to his long-lost kin: the missing Ancient Dragons. It’s eventually revealed that Wulrakas comes from a noble line of Dragons; that his creator was none other than Falx Templamut, grandson of Bahamut.

After a trial involving the felling of a wyvern, Wulrakas is granted a powerful longsword known as Falx’s Tooth.

Arriving at the gates of Crow Town, the group battles an adult green dragon possessed by Yothagos. It manages to fly away before outright slaughtering them all, but not before killing Tawnee Tauv and revealing her true form in the process: that of the final hag of the Baba Yaga coven. Whatever schemes she was planning against the party becomes lost with her death.

Staggering to the entrance of the town, the group is met by a collection of eccentric, unnerving townsfolk. Shortly thereafter, they manage to slay one of the two “women in red” — Red Rooster. All but Cat are then captured and placed in the local jail.

The following day, after inevitably escaping, the world is plunged into chaos. The sky darkens and the stars above begin to pulsate, like the light of a flickering flame. The group heads east to the scene of the ritual, thought to be where the remaining woman in red is attempting to raise a Dracolich.

After reuniting with the previously possessed green dragon, the group flies to the site of the ritual. To their surprise a Dracolich is already present, held between a archway that acts like a portal. Barricading him in are walls of fire connected by pillars; in the center of these walls is Medrash, Leader of the Dragonborn.

The green dragon is shot down by a blast from the Dracolich’s maw; a battle between the last woman in red (“Crimson Matron”) riding atop a red dragon then follows. Daron slays Medrash with two arrows, unknowingly killing Wulrakas’ “King” and ceasing the ritual in the process. The Dracolich is crushed beneath the archway, and Crimson Matron is killed. The Green Dragon attempts a last ditch betrayal but is slain by Cat.

The sky finally returns to normal, but the world has irrecoverably changed. Crimson Matron’s journal sheds some light on the subject, but much remains unanswered…



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