Wulrakas Safras

Fighter Dragonborn 6'7


After the curse had been broken, Wulrakas went on to live in a small village, mostly in a form of seclusion. While the villagers were at first intimidated by the dragonborn, that did not stop him however from becoming friendly with the local villagers, helping around in any way he could. Be it to help with logging, building houses and the common folk’s menial every day tasks. During his spare time he would carve wood, making small artistic items like decoration (totally ducks).

After only a year he began to be popular among the folks with his feat of strength and his willingless to always help wherever it was needed. Howerver, his popularity got the attention of the village’s lord, who would fear that this dragonborn could take his place somehow. The lord tried to get Wulrakas killed by sending a small unit to the village, when the soldiers arrived, the villagers refused to tell him where the dragonborn lived exactly, this led to some roughing up which led the fighter to go see what the commotion was about, a fight ensued from which Wulrakas was victorious.

This just further enhanced his popularity among the folk, his popularity was unrivaled and he was seen as their champion from then on.

The rest of the year had gone by with him having to show his fighting feats a few more times against assassins and mercenaries sent by the lord. However these fights just kept becoming worse, so the dragonborn soon had to leave before they would go after other villagers who did their best to protect him. As thanking gifts, he received some armor, a better sword and a adventuring’s worth of a pack. He is now in search of a new place to call home, but his determination to help just keeps bringing him to other places and adventures.

Wulrakas Safras

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