Reselda Yargrove



Name: Reselda Yargrove
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Race: Half-Elf
Height: 5’4
Weight: 130
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black, streaked with green

Reselda is often found wearing fine attire: heavy coats made of precious fur, custom-designed armor dyed green, embroidered tabards, slick leather slacks and fur-lined hiking boots are her go-to dress. She’s always seen wearing a tiara with a large emerald in the center — this marks her as the Grand Druidess of the Sheldomar Valley, a position handed down to her from her mother (or father, depending on who you ask).


The daughter of Reynard Yargrove and an unknown Elvish Dreadwalker, Reselda was destined to be a Druid from the day she was born.

While her childhood is kept secret and little is known about her parents (some say Reynard was her father, others her mother), during her adolescence she struck out for Gradsul on her own, desperate to escape the isolation of the Dreadwood. Here she experienced civilization for the first time, and found it to her liking. If it was not for the intervention of her parents, who tracked her down several days later, Reselda would probably have remained in the city from that point on.

During adulthood, Reselda took her proper place as Reynard’s second. At this time the Druids of Sheldomar were a cohesive, tight-knit group; this would change following the Days of Vanishing, when Reynard vanished like so many others.

Reselda was forced into the position of Grand Druidess earlier than anticipated. Many Druids felt she was too young and naive to take the position, which was further exemplified by her choice of fine dress and brash decisions following her mother/father’s disappearance.

The Druids of the Sheldomar are now fractured, spread out across the forest. While most still answer to Reselda, out of respect for Reynard, many actively work against her, vying for the position of Grand Druid/Druidess.

Her current goal is to unite the Druids once more.

Reselda Yargrove

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