Clifton Oates - DECEASED

The cowardly student turned warlock


Name: Clifton “Cliff” Oates
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Human
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 8.9st
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Cliff looks like your average scholar, complete with glasses and an unkempt look about him. He looks tired, as if he hasn’t slept for several days. He’s often seen wearing a large coat with many pockets lining the inside.


Clifton comes from a large family of many cousins, brothers, and sisters. They’re not exactly important to anyone but Cliff himself, as he’ll reference tales from his family or talk about his brothers and sisters at length. As the son of a wizard and a doctor, he was expected to put forth much effort into his studies- and he did, apprenticing with a professor and friend of the family at age 16.
For several years he worked with this professor studying archeological digs and ancient histories, cataloging various details over ancient religions and customs over the years. A few months after he had turned 24, Clifton found himself witness to a gruesome sight, finding his professor murdered in some sort of maddening occult ritual. He blacked out, manifesting strange powers upon waking from a horrible nightmare. Now he seeks to find out who killed his professor and to undo the pact he had been forcibly bonded to.

Clifton’s Family So Far…
Roland Oates
Father of Clifton and his siblings. He’s a magical researcher who has been researching the untapped secrets of the arcane. Recently he has locked himself up in his tower, secluding himself from all but his wife. Rumor has it that he’s trying to figure out the secrets of the Far Realm.

Leanne Oates
Mother and loving wife. She’s a doctor and a healer, turning to learning magical healing in order to aid the sick and disabled. As she worries so much about her husband, she turns to her work in order to keep her mind off of him. Leanne cares deeply for her children and would be devastated if she learned something had happened to them.

Quentin Oates
Cliff’s older brother. He started out learning magic with his father, but soon enlisted with a mercenary group to both see the world and to find excitement in his life. He considers himself an intellectual and enjoys word and number puzzles, but he’s far from being a clever sort. Whereabouts are unknown.

Jesse and Jessica Oates
Born at roughly the same time, they’re twins who take after one another. Both of them study magic and have the uncanny knack for finishing one another’s sentences. Currently they live at home with their parents, helping around the house and assisting in Leanne’s medical practices.

Lorelei Oates
The youngest in the family. She developed a knack for lying at an early age, abusing her innocent looks to get away with all sorts of things. Like with Quentin, she learned magic from her father, but aside from a couple of cantrips she doesn’t seem interested in pursuing the art. Instead, she enjoys skulking about the city, finding interesting locations and participating in dubious underground activities.

Grandpa Eustace Noire Oates
The eldest living member of the Oates family. A playwright who lost his wife to a terrible disease, he spends most of his time in his study writing stories and poetry. Despite this he is a friendly and sociable fellow, though he has been slowing down in his old age…

Bow-Bow Oates
As Roland owned a dog in his childhood, he felt a pet was necessary for the family. However, due to how wrapped up he is in his studies he felt he wouldn’t be able to take care of such a pet and instead commissioned a group of gnomish craftsmen to create an adequate replacement. Thus, Bow-Bow is a mechanical dog-shaped construct embodied with a very weak elemental spirit, completely obedient and loyal to anyone in the Oates family. He really loves belly scratches.

Uncle Fettel Barleigh
Clifton’s creepy, perverted uncle. He’s been jailed for “attempted jewel theft” despite him claiming no evidence in the matter. He somehow seduced and married a troll, claiming to love her for her amazing personality but everyone knows he’s just a lecherous man with strange tastes.

Aunt Gragna Barleigh
The troll Fettel married. For a troll, she’s a very friendly and motherly sort of person, not what one would expect from such a creature. The only reason she hasn’t been run out of town is because she makes the best damn shepherd’s pie within the next ten leagues.

Cousin Gulliver Barleigh
Despite being called an unholy abomination unfit to live, Gulliver is a half-troll conceived and loved by his parents. He’s a bit on the tall and ugly side, but still a child and incredibly meek. He enjoys tending to the sheep in his flock- a job held by Fettel before he got arrested, and spends most of his free time whittling.

Clifton Oates - DECEASED

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