It's a cat.


Name: Cat

Gender: Male

Age: 3

Race: Cat

Height: 9.8"

Weight: 8.6lbs

Eyes: Green

Fur Color: Light/dark grey, white


A young tom, Cat was a stray who wandered the streets of Daerwald. He lived a fulfilling life in the small town, catching rats, charming females, befriending the owners of meat vendors in exchange for the occasional scrap of food. Cat was never one for friends, though he appreciated the company of other cats.

As he aged, Cat found himself wandering around the local tavern more often, where cats from across the land would gather and share their stories. Over time, Cat found himself longing to explore the world, though he was always held back by a combination of a slight fear of the unknown and the reluctance to give up the life he’s always known. Regardless, a seed of wanderlust had been planted. With each passing day, the desire to venture out into the world had grown, permeating into his every thought. On one particularly insignificant day, where the hunt had been unfruitful and his eyes drifted towards the Dreadwood once more, he found himself slowly walking over towards the edge of the forest. Without a glance back to his hometown, Cat slipped into the shadows of the undergrowth.

And so, the Dreadwood was Cat’s new home. Prey was more plentiful here, though it came with a price – he was also prey to the various monsters that also called the forest home. Keeping within a close distance to the edge of the treeline, his exploration of the Dreadwood slowly took him eastward. Adventurers were an uncommon sight, and a lone one especially so.

A couple months into his newfound life, Cat had been stalking a hooded figure for several days, intrigued by his prolonged existence in the woods. One day, as the figure had stopped to set up camp, Cat suddenly felt compelled to approach him. The figure turned as Cat drew near, drawing back their hood to reveal a young elf male. He smiled at Cat and motioned for him to sit. When the man finished his work, he kneeled in front of Cat and produced a small strip of dried meat from a pouch. Cat eagerly accepted the man’s offering, who stroked Cat’s head as he ate. The elf muttered several words under his breath. Suddenly, Cat felt a strange sensation, and upon finishing his snack, found that he was able to express his gratitude in human speech.

Cat accompanied the druid on his journey for several weeks. They never spoke much outside a few cursory words or simple requests. Cat found that he was slowly able to learn simple magical spells, such as the ability to conjure up a hand to perform tasks he wasn’t able to. He also seemed to gain an affinity for music, purring short melodies during camp in the evening. As they neared the eastern edge of the Dreadwood, the elf once again knelt down in front of Cat. This time, he produced a small belt pouch and secured it around Cat’s waist. He stroked Cat’s head once more, and Cat knew this was goodbye. The druid turned and walked off, shifting into the shape of an eagle. And then he was gone. Cat found himself feeling alone for the first time in his life. He exited the forest and looked to the sky, wondering if one day he could fully express his gratitude and repay the mysterious druid for the gift he had bestowed on Cat.

Cat continued his journey aimlessly to the northeast, as vast grasslands stretched as far as the eye could see. Little did he know, he would soon stumble upon a group of adventurers…


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