The Sacrificial Lamb


Only a select few have ever seen the Ancient Dragon known as Nazurian, and each instance has invoked a different image of the great beast.

None know of his appearance in youth.

Initially an ancient green dragon with dark emerald scales, Nazurian’s curse eventually caused these beautiful scales to molt. Just before death he was saved and turned into a dracolich, peeling away his remaining scales to reveal a skeletal form beneath.

In this form his eyes were replaced with glowing green orbs.


Nazurian’s history is lost to all but the dragons who cursed him. It is known that he was the son of Amarathyn, the Great Wyrm of the Dreadwood, and that a small cult revered him shortly after the Days of Vanishing.

His first known appearance was when Ash Reyner stumbled upon his lair in the Dreadwood. By this point he had matured to “Ancient” status — and this was due to the rapid-aging curse that the Dragons bestowed upon him. Why they chose Nazurian as the key to The Great Return ritual is unknown, but the curse did little to mature his personality. He cared not for his role in the years to come, focusing entirely on his vengeance against Reselda Yargrove instead, whom he believed to have some part in his father’s disappearance.

After being recruited by the Women in Red through the promise of eternal life (later recounted in The Crimson Matron’s journal), Nazurian was eventually turned into a Dracolich.

Through this he was able to fufill his destiny, as a sacrifice to bring back those taken during the Days of Vanishing.

He was crushed beneath the archway of the portal before the ritual could be fully completed.


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