A New Era

Chapter 3

Gradsul and the Azure Sea

15th Reaping – 26 Goodmonth, 609 CY

While deliberating on how to proceed, Virgil Thorburn helps a sheep farmer rid his basement of a Manticore. The man then reveals that the two crimson-clad women stayed at his residence for a spell; that they were unnerving and that he was happy to see them leave. He also claims that they were headed for a small hamlet called Crow Town, located in the southern-most province of Salinmoor.

He says he’ll take Virgil and company down the Sheldomar River on his barge, and from the Metropolis of Gradsul they’ll be able to board a ship to Salinmoor.

They do just that, and they eventually draw the attention of an awakened cat. The odd little feline becomes a full-fledged member of the party.

Arriving in Gradsul, the group books passage on a ship headed for the port city of Sanduchar (located in Salinmoor). While waiting for their ship to embark, they do some odd jobs and even perform in a play. Jericho is not seen hence, perhaps having been lost in the flow of time; Thruskk puts aside his anger and desire for revenge, in favor of staying in the city.

Eventually Lila Ketborn, an old adversary brought back from the dead, kills Clifton Oates in the slums of Gradsul. From his corpse his patron spills out in the form of inky, black tendrils, which surround all those present.

Now wanted in connection to the battle with Lila (and the deaths caused to her henchmen), the party boards the ship along with their guide, Tawnee Tauv, and a Rhenee woman.

They opt to take a shorter but more dangerous route through the Dreadwood, from the small dwarven village of Waverock rather than Sanduchar. Clifton is given a burial at sea.

With the scholar-warlock’s death, the party loses its last original member. They become confused as to why they’re heading for Crow Town, as they have no stake in the whole affair. The ship’s captain is eventually possessed by Clifton’s patron, and through him the Great Old One speaks of an end to Oerth unless the dragon and his two collaborators are stopped.

Finally, after a month long voyage, the ship sets anchor in the port village.



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