White Paladins


The White Paladins (also known as “gunslingers”) were a sect of the Church of Murlynd. As of 609 CY, it is unknown as to whether or not they still exist.

Preface of “The White Paladins,” by Bernadect Grisneld, 597 CY:

My position as a Seeker of the Arcane has afforded me many insights into the nature of magical items. Yet none capture my interest more than the “firebrand,” a strange, metallic wand capable of launching small projectiles (bullets) at high velocity.

Equally interesting are the men and women who wield these bizarre weapons. They are the White Paladins, an order dedicated to the advancement of technology and the thwarting of evil.

It all began with the Company of Seven – a oft-researched group of adventurers whose leader was none other than Zagig Yragerne, the most infamous Lord Mayor that Greyhawk has ever known. One member, Murlynd, was said to have received strange weaponry from another world; he referred to these as his “six-shooters.”

Eventually Murlynd became a deity himself, sponsored by the Archpaladin Heironeous. Some of The Archpaladin’s faithful began to worship Murlynd as well, and a rare sect of the clergy was formed.

These few began to meditate over his holy scriptures, Murlynd’s Early Adventures and Subsequent Ventures; they came to the realization that the best way to fight Evil was through the advancement of technology.

These were the first White Paladins.

It’s claimed that Murlynd blessed these individuals with versions of his own “six shooters.” These wands were supposedly forged from the smoking, spent casings of his own weapons, and thus became what we now refer to as “firebrands.”

Only the best among the White Paladins are granted these rare weapons. What requirements this entails is known only among their Order. The weapon then becomes an extension of the Paladin’s own self; to lose it means he’s lost everything, and he will do whatever it takes to gain it back.

Despite the allure of the “firebrands,” however, their secrets are known only to the White Paladins. For instance, while a “firebrand” may be capable of shooting six times a day, in the hands of anyone other than a White Paladin it becomes inert the following morning. It’s said that only the true faithful of Murlynd and Heironeous, and one these deities deem worthy, is able to wield the weapon to its fullest potential.

In my travels I’ve met but one White Paladin, who provided me with the information for this book. She claims that there’s no more than a half-dozen White Paladins at any given time, for that is the number of firebrands known to exist. The fact that Murlynd’s symbol is a six-pointed star is no coincidence.

This is her story.

White Paladins

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