Skaulson's Rest

(Map by Anna B. Meyer)

Category: N/A
Population: 10 permanent residents.
Language: Common, Keolandish, various.
Religion: None.
Main Export: None.

“Leader”: Guliver Orrynd.

History: The Archmage Skaulson first erected his tower sometime in the mid-6th century. As is so often the case with spellcasters, he built it for the purpose of reclusive study.

This proved a futile attempt, for the tower was located between the Casteallweg Road and the Sheldomar River. Both had been used by traders for centuries; both had a clear view of the tower. Bargemen and caravans approached the tower almost daily, their men seeking shelter from weather, bandits, or worse.

Legend has it that Skaulson initially rebuked these men through evil magic, but that he ultimately decided that the unnecessary exposure resulting from their deaths would be problematic. As such, he created the Marid’s Slumber, a large inn that would cater to the traders of Keoland. He hired on a fledgling apprentice as owner of the Inn, who later died under mysterious circumstances. Guliver Orrynd, a tankard-tender, eventually took his place.

In time, Skaulson’s tower would be known as a place of great evil. Horrified screams would pierce the thick walls of the nearby Inn, causing the patrons great unease. Skaulson became increasingly erratic and reclusive, never showing his face in the ’Marid and — eventually — never leaving his tower at all.

It’s believed that he disappeared during the Days of Vanishing. However, since none have entered his tower in over a decade (not for lack of trying), it’s impossible to verify this.

Notable Sites:

The Marid’s Slumber — An Inn catering to the traders of Keoland, the ’Marid is appropriately named. Contained within a spherical orb of swirling water is a strange, fish-faced creature who appears to be asleep. This is the Sleeping Marid, a fixture in the Inn since its creation by Skaulson decades before.

The Marid itself is somehow connected to the pipelines beneath the floorboards; the exact details of this are vague, but it’s said that the Marid subconsciously controls the Inn’s water supply.

The most notable effect of this can be seen in the establishment’s many baths. With the simple turn of a dial a patron can cause water to flow from a spout connected to the tub, heating the water or making it as cold as he desires.

Skaulson’s Tower — Said to be a place of great evil, the doors have been magically sealed and the tower itself has not been entered in over a decade.

Skaulson's Rest

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