Siege of Neldea

The Siege of Neldea was an event that took place on the 28th of Whealsun, 609 CY. It involved the forces of Baba Yaga against a meager seven defenders.

Attackers (Baba Yaga’s Army):

  • Leader – “Baba Yaga”
  • Soldiers – Tribal Warriors, Lyncanthropes (unknown number, thought to be anywhere from a hundred to several hundred).



  • Ancient Green Dragon

Attackers – “Baba Yaga,” hundreds.
Defenders – 4

The Siege:

In a handwritten account, the sole survivor of both assaults — a fresh Dreadwalker recruit known only as Delfi — writes:

It was a pretty regular day. Patrol Seven had just returned from their sweep of the area, and we were all about to settle in for last-meal. What happened next is a bit of a blur. The gates were somehow opened, and a whole army of tribals flooded in. I think that their leader, this “Baba Yaga,” had taken the guise of one of our men. I can’t be certain, but it makes sense; it’s the only way I can think of that the gate was open so easily. I don’t think any of the ’Walkers sold us out.

Well, we surrendered. We held no animosity towards these tribals, I was told. Apparently we’d traded with them in the past. We figured they needed supplies, and that they’d take what they wanted and then leave. Everyone was tied up and we simply waited.

Instead, the hag killed Commander Mithrandir outright. Then they started piling the men on to some kindling in the middle of the fortress. I was taken into the watch tower, along with five others. I don’t know what they intended to do with us.

Then I heard the screams. They threw our brothers and sisters into the flame… alive.

I fell into a deep trance then. Way of coping, I suppose.

When I awoke, I was being untied by Reselda Yargrove herself! Apparently she and a half-orc, name of Thruskk, had seen the fire and come to investigate. Unfortunately, the army had seen them.

What happened next… well, this Thruskk decided to take command. I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to trust someone with orc blood… but he proved quite capable. I wouldn’t be alive if not for him.

We held our ground, thanks to Thruskk’s ingenious trap-setting skills and siege warfare techniques. He also took down a boar-monster single-handedly!

The gate was eventually breached, however, and they were forced into the watch tower. I was on the second story, reigning down arrows, when an enormous beast flew over my head at low altitude. An ancient dragon!

I thought my eyes were deceiving me — a dragon of his size and age has not been seen in over a decade — but any suspicion I might have had was quelled when the beast spewed acidic breath upon the approaching army.

The sound of their screams… the smell… it was terrible. I almost felt sympathy for them.

I descended to warn Thruskk and the Grand Druidess. Suddenly, the watchtower collapsed upon us. As the world around me began to darken, I saw Reselda reach out and cast something on the dying Thruskk. Then the dragon swooped down, scooped up Reselda in his claws and flew off.

I thank Corellon giving me strength and for allowing me to live another day. Yet I would have gladly given my life if it meant Reselda’s freedom… her mother was a true hero to the Dreadwalkers.

- Delfi

Siege of Neldea

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