(Map by Anna B. Meyer)

Category: Village.
Population: 203 (predominately Suel/Oeridian).
Language: Common, Keolandish.
Religion: Phyton – not established, however.
Main Export: Lumber.

Leader: Mayor Jorus Milner.

History: Located just off the Forest Road through the Dreadwood, in a clearing a half-mile into the forest, Marlgrove is an isolated village inhabited predominately by woodcutters. Established in 599 CY by a group of disgruntled lumberjacks, the village has kept mostly to itself over the years. Their biggest problem — until recently — was dealing with Keolandish Tax Collectors.

In 609 CY, the village was attacked by a strange beast. Half a dozen people were killed, including a small child. It was said that the beast sparkled under the moonlight, which drew the attention of a group of adventurers.

Notable Sites:

Marlgrovian Heroes’ Home — The Home belonging to the Heroes of Marlgrove, who slayed the Beast that attacked the village.

The Weeping Lizard Inn — In 599 CY, when the village was in the process of being built, the local pub was accosted by a few Hool Marsh lizardmen. The woodcutters there managed to subdue the creatures, who then proceeded to weep for mercy (or so the story goes).

A large spear hung above the hearth is said to have been the leader’s weapon.


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