The Kingdom of Keoland is, at present, the most powerful realm on the Flanaess. Most attribute this to the lack of reliance on magic that Keoland has abided by since its creation. Initially banned from practice, magic was eventually allowed in certain areas (The Silent Tower, the Academy at Niole Dra, and the Free Mage Guild of Gradsul). Still, it did not sway the opinion of the citizenry, and a “free mage” outside of these areas would often be looked at with unease or disdain. As such, magic was not practiced as openly as in Greyhawk, for instance.

Current Leader: King Luschan VIII
Capital: Niole Dra

Places visited by PCs:

Skaulson’s Rest
Crow Town

Notable Events After Core:

King Kimbertos Skotti’s death in 594 CY; the Council chose his daughter as a temporary replacement, but she was killed by an angry mob during the final night of the Days of Vanishing.

The temporary disappearance (and reappearance) of the enormous Silent Tower.

The crowning of King Luschan VIII.


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