A New Era

Chapter Two
The Tower to the East

5 Richfest – 15th Reaping, 609 CY

Two weeks pass without a single clue relating to “Skaulson.” The party spends their downtime doing various things: Thruskk pieces together an Elven Greatsword which is then forged (and turns out to be an Orcsbane blade); Clifton comes across a Gunslinger and is given the man’s weapon, which later becomes a twisted version thanks to his Patron’s influence; Woolie carves a collection of wooden figurines and is seemingly well-received by the residents of Marlgrove despite his strange heritage; Virgil decides to stay with the party on their quest to avenge Reselda.

Jericho returns as well, though his absence is never expanded upon. From time to time he finds himself slumbering or wandering off, with little to no explanation as to why.

One night Kamlo, a Rhenee merchant of Marlgrove, approaches Clifton and Virgil. He describes to them Skaulson’s Rest, a notorious stop for merchants travelling the Casteallweg Road. He hires them on to guide his small wagon to the location, knowing full well of their desire to find anything relating to this “Skaulson.”

The rest of the party tracks the wagon to a small farmhouse in the fertile Sheldomar Valley; they are allowed to rest there for a few coppers a piece. The young wife of the farmer (later immolated thanks to recklessness by Clifton) tells of the Archmage Skaulson, a necromancer of ill-repute.

They take off the following morning, and arrive at Skaulson’s Rest sometime later. Eventually they ascend Skaulson’s Tower, overcoming a variety of challenges before they finally meet the necromancer himself on the roof of the tower.

However, Skaulson has become a spirit; his reasons for doing so were apparently intentional, in order to avoid a “strange cataclysmic event” that the dead had foretold to him. Dialogue is exchanged: Skaulson learns his fears became reality in the Days of Vanishing; the party learns the they were not the first to breach the Tower, and that two crimson-wearing females came before them (but broke in through the roof).

A flimsy connection is made when it’s revealed that the intruders stole a tome relating to the creation of dracoliches. Perhaps these two are involved somehow with Reselda’s killer, the ancient green dragon of the Dreadwood.

Whether they are or not, Skaulson then says that he overheard the leader of the two ordering the lesser — one called Red Rooster — to head to Salinmoor to “finish the experiment.”

Another vague clue to investigate, but the party has little else to go on.

And so the adventure continues…

Chapter One
The Dragon, The Hags and the Werebeasts

28 Wealsun – 5 Richfest, 609 CY

The barbarian half-orc Thruskk, split from the party, finds and becomes friends with the Grand Druidess of the Sheldomar Valley, Reselda Yargrove. On their way back to Marlgrove, they unexpectedly wind up being major players in the Siege of Neldea.

Back in town, the greedy Half-Orc Jericho, the Scholar Clifton Oates, and the Druidess Ash Reyner enjoy the first day of Richfest. A feast is held in their honor in recognition of their slaying of the Beast of Marlgove.

At the end of the feast, an animal messenger relays a call for aid to Neldea.

Ash, having met an ancient dragon seeking Reselda some months prior, uses a sending stone to tell the dragon of the Grand Druidess’ location. Clifton and Jericho mount up and head to Neldea.

… Only to arrive to a scene of destruction. Wulrakas Safras, drawn to the area by a large dragon flying overhead, joins the group. Thruskk yet lives, but is gravely wounded. Jericho, while waiting outside the fortress, somehow gets lost and is left behind.

After returning to Marlgrove for Midsummer Night (in which Thruskk transforms into a Wereboar before being subdued), the party then sets out again. In the forest they meet Virgil Thorburn, a sorcerer seeking to slay the Beast of Marlgrove. Realizing that this has already been accomplished by the party, he decides to join them.

Following a lead given to them by Ash’s unearthed sending stone, the group eventually reaches a cave deep within the Dreadwood. Inside they battle Onuji (one time druid in Reselda’s circle and later an associate of Baba Yaga), Ash, and two zombies. Ash eventually reveals her betrayal, and points out that the nearby skeletal remains are those of Reselda. The group allows Ash to live (contrary to Thruskk’s wishes).

Their only lead on the dragon now is a name: Skaulson.


26-28 Wealsun, 609 CY -

In the Dreadwood….

A scholar embarks on a mission to the Silent Tower, in hopes of finding some answers…

A half-elf druidess wanders the forest she’s known since birth…

Two half-orcs, one barbaric and one greedy, accompany one another for reasons unknown…

They all meet at a campsite, and soon learn of an attack at a nearby village: Marlgrove. A great beast, said to sparkle under the moonlight, has killed six townsfolk.

After reaching the town and following up on leads, they discover that the Beast has been seen in an enormous tree that houses the tomb of an Elvish hero. They descend below and find that the beast does not in fact sparkle; that it’s a bloated monstrosity littered with tumors.

They manage to kill it and skin it into a near-flawless hide. All but Thruskk then return to the town as heroes, only to find out that the rabbit hole goes much deeper. “Baba Yaga,” said the be the one who created the monstrosity, is planning something…

… They have little time to rest just yet.

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