Virgil Thorburn

The Vagabond


Name: Virgil Thorburn
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Human
Height: 6’
Weight: 180lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde

Doing the best he can to look presentable on as small a budget he has, Virgil is typically seen in the one set of clothes he owns. On his feet are a pair of simple dark leather boots, kept on by wrapped straps of studded leather from the ankle to the top of the boot at mid shin. Dark gray, almost black pants are one of his most prized possessions, which keep him from awkward introductions with new people, and fit just loose enough to remain comfortable during movement. The thin, gambeson style shirt he wears has dark brown embroidery circling the sleeves around the elbow, and over that he wears a black leather jerkin. Finally the belt around his waist containing multiple small pouches, and a set of sheaths for small daggers. While travelling he also wears a knee-length hooded cloak, dark brown with a small strip of gold colored fabric along the edges. Without much access to a mirror he at least makes the attempt to keep his short beard and hair in check.


Born in a small village of no particular importance to anyone outside of the actual residents, Virgil lived a quiet life of woodworking under the teachings of his father, Atticus. His mother, Rebecca, was primarily a small time animal farmer. Spending many of his mornings tending to the chickens, pigs, and goats, Virgil learned the ways of dealing with animals. Mornings on the farm, afternoons playing with the other children in the village, and nights spent whittling away with his father, Virgil was never idle for long.

Early in his life, stout dwarf by the name of Regnir Bhargrim wandered into the village. Coming to collect some goods or even pawn off his own, this man was a fine merchant. His prices were always fair (According to the somewhat secluded townsfolk at least) and his demeanor was always cheerful. Being the only dwarf that Virgil had ever seen at the time, he took an immediate liking to the man, although it was mostly due to his amusing appearance. A bit coersion from his parents and Regnir even began to teach Virgil the not-so-subtle language of Dwarvish. Bit my bit he became more proficient in his learning and became good friends with his teacher.

Even the kindest of men, however, can be tainted by greed. Late into Virgil’s teenage years came a day where Regnir brought not his wares, but a small band of goblins hidden away in his cart. They ambushed the villagers, looting what they could but killing few. They managed cornered Virgil near his home. With his back to the wall his latent power awakened in the form of powerful lightning flashing from his body and striking the goblins dead where they stood. Regnir disappeared amidst the chaos, never returning to the village.

Virgil grew up to be the savior of the village despite no trouble from goblins, wildlife, or roaming bandits. The villagers managed to live in peace untl that fateful day and continued to do so long after. Eventually word came about of a strange beast roaming the woods outside of a town not too far from his village. Virgil’s wanderlust had reached its peak as he set out into wild.

Virgil Thorburn

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