A͏̘̙̩ḷ̴͚̮͔w͎a̫͖͇̣̬͎y̰͕͔̣̹̭͘s͚̮̫̘̣̭͡ ̗̫͎w̩͔͜a̟̥̰̼̻̘͢t̡̟̝̠c̢̩h̢̳̲̩i̮n͇̘̲g̵̯͈̱̲


Name: None. Clifton calls it “Muesli”
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Human
Height: 24cm
Weight: ½ st
Eyes: None
Scales: Greenish

Around the same size as a housecat, muesli looks a little bit like a sickly green pseudodragon with a maw full of teeth for a head. It’s often seen perched on Clifton’s back or shoulder, but if it has to be seen in public it will polymorph itself into a bat or a toad.


Months after the pact had been forged, Clifton’s patron had decided it needed a set of eyes and ears to more closely watch the one he chose. In order to do this, he created this out of the human’s very own flesh. Now it travels with him, and while it obeys Cliff’s every command it has an ulterior motive.

It rarely speaks unless when needed to, but when it does it never refers itself in the first-person perspective.

Muesli has a variety of abilities at its disposal, granted by Clifton’s patron to oversee its pawn.

Frightening Appearance
The familiar’s appearance can startle those not used to such alien sights.

Muesli may turn invisible at any time. However, it must concentrate in order to use this ability.

Magic Resistance
The familiar is resistant to many different forms of spell effects, and when nearby it may grant its abilities to its owner as well.

Muesli secretes a poisonous substance from its claws, with which it may hinder an opponent or take down small animals.

Shape Changing
Muesli may polymorph itself into a bat or a toad in order to hide its true form from others.

While not exactly an ability, it can take certain spells from the master and apply them as if it had cast them itself.


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