Lila Ketborn

Revenant Seeking Revenge on the "Heroes of Marlgrove"


Before death:
Standing 5’6 with long, braided brown hair and piercing blue eyes, Lila is a sight to behold. Her features are strong and her jawline is heavy, yet she maintains a subtle femininity about her. Slightly pointed ears suggest Elven heritage.

She has a greatsword strapped to her back, as well as a bow and quiver.

After death:
Lila is a stark contrast to her former self; her skin is a pallid grey, and her eyes burn with literal flames in the presence of her sworn enemies. She still carries her greatsword across her back, though the blade appears slightly rusted.


Lila’s history prior to her meeting with Clifton Oates is unknown. The first encounter with her occurred several years before the The Adventurers crossed her path, when Clifton and his teacher hired her on as muscle for an expedition to the Whispering Cairn.

During this excursion, she killed the group’s elderly Flan guide. Initially recalled as an act of savage brutality for no apparent reason, Clifton was later reminded (through a vision, courtesy of his patron) that she acted in self defense after the guide tried to force himself on her.

Years later, while exploring the dungeon that housed the Beast of Marlgrove, Clifton and company found her within. A fight ensued that culminated with the vicious torture of Lila; her toe was cut off and she was bound, before eventually being thrown into a shallow pit.

The fall broke many of her bones and she was left to die in agonizing pain after several days. Her desire for revenge was so strong that she was brought back to life as a Revenant, possibly by Clifton’s patron.

She now seeks out the four Heroes of Marlgrove, unable to rest until all are disposed of.

Hit List:

- Clifton Oates: Maimed and killed in the slums of Gradsul.
- Thruskk
- Jericho
- Ash

Lila Ketborn

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