Daron Oarsman

"I had no idea he was the king!"


Name: Daron Oarsman
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Race: Human
Height: 6’1
Weight: 180lbs
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Black

Daron is a tall man of light brown skin and dark messy hair. He wears simple and sturdy clothes beneath his breastplate armor which looks roughed up by countless battles, yet is well-maintained. He carries a variety of weapons but his usual combination and specialty is the long sword and his trusty shield. His weapons don’t seem to have any identifying mark and are probably either army-issued or he took them from someone’s cold, dead hands. His face sports several small scars, old reminders of all the times his journey could’ve been untimely cut short. He carries himself with a seemingly easygoing attitude and is known to have bit of a blunt wit to his speech. Whether he jokes or speaks his mind honestly is some times up for debate.


Daron Oarsman

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