A New Era


26-28 Wealsun, 609 CY -

In the Dreadwood….

A scholar embarks on a mission to the Silent Tower, in hopes of finding some answers…

A half-elf druidess wanders the forest she’s known since birth…

Two half-orcs, one barbaric and one greedy, accompany one another for reasons unknown…

They all meet at a campsite, and soon learn of an attack at a nearby village: Marlgrove. A great beast, said to sparkle under the moonlight, has killed six townsfolk.

After reaching the town and following up on leads, they discover that the Beast has been seen in an enormous tree that houses the tomb of an Elvish hero. They descend below and find that the beast does not in fact sparkle; that it’s a bloated monstrosity littered with tumors.

They manage to kill it and skin it into a near-flawless hide. All but Thruskk then return to the town as heroes, only to find out that the rabbit hole goes much deeper. “Baba Yaga,” said the be the one who created the monstrosity, is planning something…

… They have little time to rest just yet.



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